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Shipping Information

Payments in 3 installments
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        Individual company Rosanna Berti
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Shipping types and delivery terms applied in Italy.


Pay and collect in the shop

It is possible to order or purchase products, picking them up directly in the store, at no additional cost.


Standard Delivery € 6.50

Home delivery, the expected times vary from 5 to 7 working days; couriers, even if on average deliveries take place in 4 working days, never give certainty of delivery within the estimated times. However, this mode is optimal for those who are not in a hurry.


Express Delivery € 10.00

Home delivery, the expected times range from 24 to 72 hours; deliveries are generally made within 48 hours.


Insured deliveries

With the increase in the value of the cart, and producing only precious metals (defined by article 1 L. 30/01/68), as well as precious and semiprecious stones, shipments are foreseen with a cost slightly higher than the aforementioned Standard and Express.

Up to 500 euros, 11.65 (5/7 working days) and 13 euros (2/4 working days)

Up to! 000 euros, 16.00 (5/7 working days)

Up to 2000 euros, 19.00 (5/7 working days)

Up to 3000 euros, 21.50 (5 // working days)



In case of tampering with the package, the customer who should accept the goods shipped without complaining to the courier for any tampering with the wrapping and / or the contents, will assume all the risks and consequences, automatically exempting both the courier who delivered the package. both the Rosanna Berti company. Therefore, in the event of withdrawal by the customer without reserve and in the face of evident signs of tampering, the company Rosanna Berti is not liable in any way for the same infringements or thefts.
In any case, upon receipt of the package, the customer is required to verify its perfect integrity. If the package should show alterations in its packaging or evident tampering, the customer is asked to reject the package to the sender without ABSOLUTELY accepting the collection, or by opening it in front of the delivery staff and, if necessary, immediately and at the same time file a complaint with the relative "complaint "Written to the courier.

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