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I am a craftsman, making modifications on existing objects or developing the jewel of your dreams is my passion, do not hesitate to contact me for any information

Runesruna fehuruna uruzruna thurisazruna ansuzruna raidoruna kenazruna geborunavunjochevalier poodlechevalier French bouldoguechevalier pugchevalier pug, poodle, french bulldog

Little finger chevaliers with our best friends. For now

with poodle, pug and French bull dog

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The Runes, enigmatic and with origins shrouded in mystery; in fact, a precise chronological definition of this writing appears problematic, some ask origin at the end of the Neolithic, others in a period ranging from the second to the third century AD Traditionally linked to the Viking culture, these enigmatic signs have been found in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but there are examples, albeit more rare, in Germany, France and Spain. The Runes, what

The Runes, what they are

The Runes, how they are used 

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Always in search of the most precious details, the precious light of the unexpected color an emotion to look

at, to touch, to wear. The wealth of ideas, the perfect processing techniques, the choice of gems destined to complete the myriad of shapes made with unsurpassed creativity, are the characteristics that

distinguish the Italian jewel.Receiving or buying a jewel represents an important moment where emotions are communicated and transmitted through a diamond, a ring or

a necklace.A jewel entirely created by hand by Italian artisans it is certainly the right choice

solitaire ringworkingopal ringlast woxrutilated quartz necklacelost wax processingsilver ring in progressrose gold wedding ringswox octopus ring

Jewelry Creation:


choice of materials;

choice of design;

type of processing;

choice of precious stones;

casting for third

parties; freehand creations; realization

wax prototype; 3d design.

size-fitting of rings; jewelery

welding; threading

of necklaces; jewelery

engraving; jewelery

polishing; gemstone

setting; gal baths


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