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Sole proprietorship Rosanna Berti

REA  RM-595819

© 2020 Rosanna Berti

P.I. 0660596070588


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"Rosanna Berti"

My name is Rosanna Berti, I have been a craftsman since 1984, and I can create any jewel you want

I can also modify existing objects and repair them, but developing the jewel of your dreams is my passion, don't hesitate to contact me for any information

If you do not find the jewel you are looking for, or you want something personalized, you can call me, send me an email, write me on whatsapp (for a quick reply) or contact me via Social.

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Here you will find some of my creations produced in many years of activity, some are available, others have reached the legitimate owners, but they are still excellent stylistic

ideas. Click on the photos to find out if the jewel is available, otherwise you will be sent back to the contacts so that you can ask for information.

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